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Have you ever wondered how dental sealants work? Dental sealants are tooth restorations that focus on improving your smile by applying a special coating to teeth to protect them from future harm. Sealants are most commonly placed on molars to prevent cavities. With the use of a special gel that is hardened by a light source, sealants can be easily placed.

A dental sealant can be used on individuals as young as six. This age is significant because it is the age at which molars begin to grow in. According to numerous studies done on the subject, children that have sealants are 3 times less likely to develop cavities. With a single dental sealant application, it can last up to ten full years before it must be replaced.

Dental sealants are capable of lowering your risk for tooth decay by up to 80 percent. They can easily go on clear to allow the dentist to see under the tooth to make sure that future damage does not occur. In addition, sealants protect your teeth from harmful acids that seek to eat away at all corners of your tooth enamel.

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