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Losing a tooth to severe decay, damage or other required extraction can be a traumatic event in your life. Beyond simply losing that tooth’s function for biting and chewing it can also pose other serious complications. Even if the tooth is not visible in your smile, it can still cause you to slightly slur your speech. In time the surrounding teeth might even start to twist and move toward the void leading to alignment issues.

In a restoration dentistry case like this Dr. Hamilton Calder will often recommend restoring the missing tooth’s presence by installing a bridge.

This is one solid piece of dental work that essentially mimics the appearance and function of the original tooth. It is fused on each end to crowns, that will eventually be anchored to abutments formed from the two neighboring teeth.

An abutment is essentially the healthy internal core of the tooth, after Dr. Hamilton Calder removes all of the tooth enamel.

A temporary crown is then cemented over each abutment to protect it. The impression is then sent off to a start of the art dental lab, where your final bridge is made.

When it’s ready, Dr. Hamilton Calder will call you back in for a follow up appointment to cement the bridge is place.

If you have lost a tooth in some manner, you should contact Dr. Hamilton Calder’s clinic in Spring, Texas at 281.376.4533 to explore your restoration dentistry options.