Fast, Effective, and Affordable Braces with Fastbraces® Technology

Fastbraces® in Spring, TX

Welcome to Comfort Dental Excellence in Spring, Texas, where innovative dental solutions meet expert care. For those seeking a faster, less invasive alternative to traditional braces, Dr. Hamilton Calder introduces Fastbraces®. As a distinguished Senior Fastbraces Master Affiliate, Dr. Calder brings a wealth of expertise to deliver transformative smiles with this cutting-edge technology. Connect with our team today to explore your Fastbraces® options.

What Sets Fastbraces® Apart?

Fastbraces® technology is revolutionizing orthodontic treatment by offering a quicker, safer, and more affordable path to straight teeth. Unlike conventional braces that adjust teeth’s position in two lengthy stages, Fastbraces®’ patented triangular brackets and unique square wires target the root from treatment onset. This innovative approach allows for simultaneous crown and root alignment, significantly reducing treatment time and discomfort.

The Fastbraces® Advantage: Efficiency and Comfort

The essence of Fastbraces® lies in its efficiency. Traditional braces typically require about two years to achieve desired results, focusing on crown alignment in the first year and root adjustment in the latter. Fastbraces® technology, however, enables movement of tooth roots towards their final position from the beginning, often completing treatment within 3 to 12 months—and some patients observe changes in just a few weeks!

Is Fastbraces® Right for You?

Suitable for both children and adults, Fastbraces® offers a versatile solution to various orthodontic challenges, including crooked or crowded teeth, without the extended treatment times of traditional braces. During your consultation at Comfort Dental Excellence, our experienced dentists will evaluate your unique dental profile to determine if Fastbraces® is the ideal choice for your orthodontic needs.

Begin Your Journey to a Straighter Smile Today

Embrace the opportunity for a beautifully aligned smile without the wait. Reach out to Comfort Dental Excellence in Spring, TX, to schedule your Fastbraces® consultation. Discover how Dr. Hamilton Calder and our dedicated team can expedite your path to orthodontic success with Fastbraces® technology. Contact us today to learn more and take the first step towards your new smile.