At Comfort Dental Excellence, we are dedicated to helping you maintain your dental health for a lifetime. We offer dental hygiene and other preventive dental services so your smile can stay in the best possible health. Our preventive options and services include:

  • Dental cleanings: During a professional teeth cleaning, our team removes all plaque and tartar (dental calculus) from your teeth. This helps to prevent tooth decay, periodontal disease, and other damaging conditions. A professional cleaning is more thorough than the cleaning you receive from your normal brushing and flossing.
  • Dental exams: Dr. Calder and team will check for any signs of decay, periodontal disease, trauma, or other damage. If needed, our dentists will recommend restorative treatments to improve your oral health.
  • Sealants: A sealant is a thin coating of plastic resin that is painted onto the chewing surface of the tooth. This helps to protect the tooth from decay.

We are also happy to help you improve your at-home dental hygiene so you can keep your smile healthy in between visits to our office. Be sure to brush your teeth at least twice each day, floss at least once each day, and eat a balanced diet with a limited amount of sugary foods. To learn more about dental hygiene in Spring, Texas, and how to maintain good dental health, we welcome you to contact us today.