What is periodontal disease?

Periodontal disease, also called gum disease, is a degenerative condition caused by bacteria in plaque. As plaque and tartar (hardened plaque) build up on the teeth, the bacteria lead to inflammation and irritation in the gum tissues. This may eventually become a serious infection that, when left untreated, may result in tooth loss, bone loss, and a receding gum line. In addition to these serious oral health consequences, gum disease has also been linked to heart disease, stroke, diabetes, pregnancy complications, respiratory conditions, high blood pressure, and other serious health problems.

What is gum treatment?

Our skilled dentists provide gum treatment at Comfort Dental Excellence to treat gum disease and keep your smile in the best possible health. The exact type of gum treatment depends on your specific needs and the severity of the condition. One of the most common treatments for gum disease in Spring, Texas, is known as scaling and root planing. These are deep cleanings aimed at removing bacteria and infected tissue and at halting the progress of the disease. For more serious cases, we may recommend flap surgery or other forms of gum surgery. To learn more about gum treatment and to schedule your next appointment with Dr. Calder and team, we welcome you to call or visit our office today. We are eager to improve your oral health!