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Children are biologically hard-wired to seek out calories from sweet foods and beverages. This evolutionary adaptation was once essential for a child’s survival as they learned what prehistoric foods we’re good to eat.

In the modern age, our nutritional palate is rife with ready access to sweet substances. All of the residual sugar introduced to your child’s mouth can potentially have a negative effect on the health of their teeth.

If your son or daughter also struggles to maintain a consistent and effective daily oral hygiene routine it could increase their chances of suffering a cavity on one of their teeth.

In some of these cases, the area of tooth decay can grow so large that the only effective means for repairing the tooth is to have Dr. Hamilton Calder install a dental cap. Also referred to as a dental crown this mode of treatment will effectively replace the majority of the tooth’s enamel layer with an alternate dental material.

This should preserve the primary tooth’s presence and basic function long enough for the permanent replacement to emerge from the gums. If Dr. Hamilton Calder has any concerns about other teeth, he will help you understand the necessary treatment options.

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