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Changes in the structure of your mouth can sometimes occur as you age. Patients who choose not to have a missing tooth restored in a reasonable amount of time might also notice a change in the structure and alignment of the teeth neighboring the void.

As time goes on the improper alignment between two or more teeth could start to wear down the tooth enamel layer. As the surface continues to degrade the area of dental attrition could potentially accumulate bacterial deposits which could foster a new cavity. Even if tooth decay doesn’t occur the compromised tooth could become increasingly prone to tooth sensitivity and dental fractures.

If dental attrition is caught early a dentist like Dr. Hamilton Calder and Dr. Timothy Durr might be able to repair the affected area of tooth enamel by installing a simple dental filling.

To do this he will numb the tooth before carefully removing a small amount of additional of tooth enamel. The prepared surface will have the necessary texture to securely bond the dental filling material. The type of dental filling he uses will be based on the affected surface and its visibility when you smile.

A composite dental filling can closely match the surrounding natural tooth enamel, making it a good choice to repair a surface that will appear when you smile.

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