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Enhancing your smile begins with making sure your teeth are in their proper alignment. If your teeth are not in their proper alignment, you can be at a much greater risk for tooth decay. This is because plaque buildup and debris can hide out in the recesses between the misaligned teeth. It is also easier to clean straighter teeth. Thus, if your teeth are out of alignment, an orthodontic treatment to straighten them can be used.

If you wish to improve your smile but also to give yourself a boost to your self-esteem and self-image, straighter teeth through the help of orthodontic appliances can prove to be highly beneficial. Numerous risk factors are associated with crooked teeth. Not only will you see a drop in your oral health, but you are more likely to see a rise in dental damage.

Dental damage due to crooked teeth can occur in a variety of ways. Not only will bad bites lead to TMJ disorders, but they can also increase your risk of fracture, cavities, and gum disease. Through the use of an effective orthodontic treatment such as braces, you can help straighten your teeth and greatly the lower your risk factors for oral health ailments.

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