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Is there a gap in your smile that makes things like chewing and speaking difficult? Our dentist may recommend a dental bridge to restore the beauty and functionality of your smile.

Dental Bridges
A dental bridge is made up of two crowns with a replacement tooth attached in between. The two crowns will be attached to the teeth on either side of the lost tooth, which are called the abutment teeth.

Dental Bridge Placement
After he has administered anesthetic, Dr. Hamilton Calder will shape the abutment teeth to allow room for the dental bridge. Then impressions will be taken of the missing tooth and the nearby teeth. These impressions will allow your dental bridge to be constructed for your individual smile. Once construction of your dental bridge is complete, our dentist will examine the fit and color and make any adjustments as needed. Then the bridge will be permanently cemented in place.

Dental Bridge Care
If cared for well, your new dental bridge can last for 10 years or more before being replaced. To care for your dental bridge, practice consistent, efficient oral hygiene. Brush your teeth at least twice a day, floss at least once daily and visit us at least twice a year for professional cleanings and exams. During these visits, our dentist can examine the status of your dental bridge.

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