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Through the course of timely, routine adjustment sessions at Comfort Dental Excellence, your son or daughter’s braces will effectively realign their teeth for a better smile and healthier mouth. If any part of their braces is bent or damaged, it will most likely increase the amount of time and number of adjustment sessions needed to attain your ideal smile.

Here at Comfort Dental Excellence, we offer a few helpful tips and considerations for dealing with damaged braces until your appointment.

If some piece of hardware becomes damaged or loosened, it has the potential to cause a serious injury to your child’s cheeks or gums. If the damaged section of the braces is still attached, do not attempt to remove it. This could cause even more complications.

When we first installed your son or daughter’s braces, they were given special orthodontic wax. They can try to cover the broken hardware with the orthodontic wax to protect their mouth. If they don’t have the orthodontic wax on hand, they can improvise with a pencil eraser.

Sometimes a spacer might fall out before the next adjustment session. If this happens, please call Comfort Dental Excellence. We might recommend scheduling an earlier appointment with your orthodontist, Dr. Hamilton Calder. Also, if some part of your child’s braces is damaged, bent or loosened, you need to call Comfort Dental Excellence at 281.376.4533 as soon as possible. We look forward to hearing from you!