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If your smile is broken, have no fear. There is no smile so broken that modern dentistry cannot make it shine once more – whether that means restoring your natural teeth back to their former glory or replacing them with new natural-looking tooth replacements. The first option is a tooth restorative procedure. Here are some treatments to consider:

– When your tooth enamel has been penetrated, cavities form. Thankfully, cavities can usually be treated with dental fillings, which literally fill the hole and prevent future damage.
– Dental crowns work by enveloping damaged or broken teeth on all sides of the tooth down to the gum line. Dental crowns can modify the look of a tooth as well as its function. It may even save bits of teeth which would otherwise need extraction.
– Dental veneers are thin durable shells which adhere to the fronts of teeth, masking imperfections and restoring chips or cracks. The natural look of the teeth can be drastically upgraded while offering them excellent protection.
– Professional in-office whitening can drastically transform the whiteness of your teeth and remove stains. With a single tooth whitening treatment from your dentist, the color shade of your teeth can be brightened by as many as ten full shades in a single visit.

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