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Now that you’ve finished aligning your smile with orthodontic treatment, it’s time to start wearing your retainer! Retainers are reliable appliances that keep your smile straight and beautiful for a lifetime. Now, because your retainer takes such great care of you, it’s important to return the favor and take great care of it! To help you do so, our Comfort Dental Excellence team recommends doing the following things:

Properly store your retainer
If you properly store your retainer, the appliance will remain effective and you won’t risk losing it. So, in order to properly store it, we recommend placing it in its container immediately after you’ve taken it out of your mouth. Then, place the container in a safe place, like your backpack, purse, or pocket. Whatever you do, please do not keep the retainer in a hot environment. The hot temperature can warp the appliance.

Clean your retainer
When you brush your teeth each day, clean your retainer as well. You can clean the appliance by soaking it in denture cleaner, like Efferdent and Polident. Soak it for the recommended amount of time in warm—not hot—water. Please remember to rinse the retainer before you put it back in your mouth.

To learn more about retainer care in Spring, Texas, or if you would like more cleaning tips from your orthodontist, Dr. Hamilton Calder, please call 281.376.4533 and schedule an appointment. Our orthodontic team is thrilled to help you care for your retainer so you can maintain your dream smile!