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Sadly, wisdom teeth have caused pain for lots of our patients. Do you have wisdom teeth or third molars? Have you noted any pain in your mouth where a third molar would be? If so, you should call us to pencil in an examination for you. Here are some things you can do to hamper the pain associated with wisdom teeth.

If you have a little, swollen flap or spot of gum tissue behind the wisdom tooth, you will most likely experience pain when biting down on it. To resolve this, our dentist can remove the tissue. You can also consider adjusting the tilt of your tooth brush to decrease the amount of times you brush that area, and you should floss this area carefully but regularly to make sure that it remains healthy and as unswollen as possible. However, if the pain from the wisdom tooth becomes grave or lasts for an extended amount of time, it may be the only option to have it removed. If this is the case, we will be able to offer you numbing agents to alleviate the pain from surgery and make you as comfortable as possible during the operation.

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