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Medications can indeed save lives, but did you know that they can also wreak havoc on your smile? There are many medications that can damage your smile. That is why our team here at Comfort Dental Excellence in Spring, Texas, is happy to tell you more about why it is essential to provide extra care to your smile while on medications.

Dry mouth is one of the many common side effects found in medications. Did you know saliva helps keep food particles from forming around your teeth and gum line, which produces plaque? When dry mouth occurs, you are more vulnerable to tooth decay.

Cancer treatments are another excellent example of how important, life-saving medications can damage your smile. If you are going through cancer treatment, be sure tell your dentist about the medications you are taking. Your dentist, Dr. Hamilton Calder, cares for your body’s health as well as your oral health. So, make sure you talk to your dentist to help your smile stay in healthy shape.

Here at Comfort Dental Excellence, we want you to feel open and welcome in talking to us about your oral health concerns. Did you know studies have shown that oral health has been linked to your overall health? That is why we want to help your smile during any treatments that involve taking medications.

As you can see, taking extra care of your smile can help you keep your smile and body healthy as you undergo medical treatments. If you have any questions or if you would like to speak to a member of our professional staff, please call us today at 281.376.4533. We are always happy to address any questions or concerns you may have pertaining to your oral care.